Take A Look At The Brand New Google+, Which Google Just Revealed

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Photo: Google+

Google is redesigning Google+ to make it more simple, the company just announced.The biggest change is a shift of the navigation bar from the top to the left of the screen.

The navigation bar on the right is customisable allowing users to adjust the order of Google+ apps.

Rather than blather on about a redesign, we have screenshots of what it looks like.

The redesign is being rolled out over days, says Google.

This is the new home page look

This is the old Google+ page look

This is what it looks like to do a hangout

Videochat with your friends!

The interface is totally customisable -- don't like where a button is? Click and drag it to a new location

A cleaner, redesigned interface

Connect with your friends in more meaningful ways

A newer and cleaner way to share pictures

Profile pages have been redesigned

Here's what your activity stream will look like

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