Google Is Reeling In Android Developers To Create Google Glass Apps

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Google Releases Glass Development Kit (TechCrunch)

Google launched a sneak peek of the Glass Development Kit (GDK) on Wednesday well ahead of the yet-to-be determined Google Glass launch date.

The idea behind releasing the GDK now is to lure developers to Glass so that once the finished hardware product hits the markets, a robust app ecosystem will be set in place.

To do so, Google is tying the GDK to Android, meaning Android developers can reuse most of their old Android app’s code but optimise it for Glass with things like voice and gesture detection. That’s sure to bring in a healthy crop of developers, given that they are now starting new app projects on Android at a higher clip than for apps on iOS.

While the GDK is very much in the early stages, Google has already confirmed that a Glass app store will launch in 2014. It’s a smart first step toward realising the massive potential behind Glass as a platform and elevating it beyond an interesting piece of hardware. Read >

In other news…

Benedict Evans claims Android, “has become a new de facto platform for any piece of smart connected electronics.” (Benedict Evans)

Both Waze and Instagram arrived on the Windows Phone platform on Wednesday (even though Instagram’s app was lacking some features). With that, TechCrunch reported that the Windows Phone platform has totaled 3 billion app downloads that have led to 10 million daily app transactions and that developers upload nearly 500 new Windows Phone apps daily. (TechCrunch)

The Google Wallet card is now available after months of speculation. It gives Google Wallet users a physical card alternative to the mobile phone app. (Droid Life)

DirecTV is expanding its Internet streaming capability by setting 30 TV channels for live streaming outside of the home and can be viewed over on mobile devices via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. (Variety)

Here is how Snapchat can monetise its app. (Henry Blodget, Business Insider)

Southwest Airlines will be the first commercial airlines to offer gate-to-gate Wi-Fi service. (All Things Digital)

Shopping app Shopkick will be the first to implement Apple iBeacons in retail stores like Macy’s and Best Buy with its new ShopBeacon transmitter. (TechCrunch)

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