Google Pulling The Plug On Its Failed Nexus One Store

nexus one down

Google is pulling the plug on the online phone store it launched to sell the Nexus One, the company just announced on its official blog.

The move comes days after we encouraged Google to kill its failed Nexus One project.

Google’s post emphasises the success of the Android platform, but admits that Google’s online store was stuck as “niche channel for early adopters.” Consumers want a hands-on experience with a phone before they buy it, the company conceded.

Google will make the Nexus One available at traditional retail outlets. (No word if any U.S. carriers will sell the phone. Perhaps T-Mobile?) Once that change is in place, Google will discontinue online sales.

While the Nexus One was heralded as the “Google Phone,” it is in fact manufactured by HTC; beyond the relatively minor point that Google put its brand on the phone, the real experiment with the Nexus One was the launch of Google’s own store for moving phones.

That experiment has failed in remarkably short order.

Analysis: This was the right move, Dan Frommer writes →

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