Google is paying a bit more tax now in Australia

Google Australia MD Maile Carnegie.

Google paid $11.7 million in Australian company tax in 2014, about two-thirds more than the previous 12 months, according to documents lodged with ASIC, the corporate regulator.

Profit was up 26% to $58.7 million and revenue 22% to $438.7 million. The revenue is understood to not include search advertising, which is booked in another country.

The federal government is looking at reforms to corporate tax requirements for companies which declare revenue, generated domestically, in other countries with low tax regimes.

Australia is “absolutely determined to ensure that companies that earn their profits in Australia pay tax to the Australian government”, according to Treasurer Joe Hockey.

A Google spokesperson said the company also paid $19.7 million in payroll and other taxes in Australia.

“We’ve invested nearly $1 billion in Australia over the last three years, employing a local work force of 1,200 people,” they said.

“There is always more we can do but we are deeply committed to providing great products for Australians, and supporting our customers here.”

Maile Carnegie, Google Australia’s managing director, told a Senate committee hearing that Google supports reform of the international tax system to make it simpler and more transparent.

“But we do not believe that unilateral action by an individual country that basically puts at risk our tax treaties with other nations is the right solution,” she told the Senate committee. “It will add more complexity and more uncertainty and will lead to less innovation and less growth and job creation.”

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