Google+ Is Now Helping AdSense Track Conversions Across Devices

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launched a new tool for AdWords that lets advertisers track conversions across devices.

Google will use Google+ account login activity to determine where users are viewing search ads and whether they acted on that ad on another device.

It’s an important move in the ongoing race among Internet companies to provide advertisers with better data on users. Tracking users across devices is at the forefront of this race.

Last week, Google ad sales chief Neal Mohan said 90% of consumers switch between devices to complete one task. (Google Blog)

In other news …

Facebook has hired David Lawenda as its new vice president of global sales and head of U.S. ad sales. Lawenda comes from a successful background in TV ad sales; previously, he was ad sales chief at Univision. (InsideFacebook)

Business Insider’s Jim Edwards says WhatsApp, a group messaging service, is growing so large that it threatens Facebook’s messaging business. WhatsApp processes 25 billion messages every day, and is especially popular among the non-U.S. market. Edwards implies that Facebook could be looking to acquire WhatsApp. (Business Insider)

The government shutdown will not delay Twitter’s IPO, because the SEC has enough funds to continue operating as usual. (Quartz)

Deb Liu, Facebook’s platform monetization manager, answers questions about why Facebook tweaked its app advertising product. (Business Insider)

Ryan Sarver, Twitter’s former director of platform, has joined Redpoint Ventures as a partner. (All Things D)

Socialbakers, a social media analytics company, has hired Neil Morgan as its chief marketing officer. Previously, Morgan was a VP at Adobe. (TechCrunch)

Research …

The new larger images on Facebook receive 69% more clicks than the old smaller ones. (EdgeRank Checker)

58% of consumers have shared details over social media that put them at risk for fraud and identity theft, according to survey results shared at the Visa Security Summit. (Visa)

10 to 30 per cent of revenues generated by social media mobile games come from in-app advertising, according to Appnext. (VentureBeat)

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