Google Is Mopping The Floor With Apple This Morning

larry page

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Google Maps for iPhone came out last night, and the applause from around the Internet is thunderous.Some of the headlines:

  • NYT: Google Maps App for iPhone Goes in the Right Direction – Review
  • The Verge: Google Maps for iPhone is here: how data and design beat Apple
  • Wired: Hallelujah! Google Maps Returns to Apple’s iPhone
  • BetaNews: Google Maps gives iPhone much needed direction

Some of the tweets

  • Mat Honan:  How do I uninstall Apple Maps?
  • Robert Stephens: Happy 40th birthday to Larry Page. I can’t help but think getting Google Maps out today was a particularly good present from engineering.
  • Ryan Block:  Our long national nightmare is finally over. Allow Google Maps to reintroduce itself!
  • Ben Schaechter: Google took this opportunity to make maps go from good to great and they did a damn good job.
  • Erick Schonfeld: Wow, these new Google maps render supa fast. It’s like scrolling the earth.

It goes on like that.Fact is: Apple whiffed big time with its Maps, and now Google is making it pay.

It’s a big win for Google.

Owning a core software function, as Google clearly does with maps on smartphones, can be a strong defence against a competitor with a dominant platform.

It reminds us of how Google keeps trying to replace Microsoft Office, but end users still love Microsoft Excel and refuse to give it up.