Google Is Experimenting With An Evernote-Killer (Again)

Google is working on a product that is similar to note-taking service, Evernote.

The new service, called Google Keep seems to sync with Google Drive and allows users to save website snippets directly. Android Police first reported the leak, discovered by Google+ page, 1E100.  

Over the weekend, a desktop version of Google Keep went live but was quickly taken down.

Here’s a screenshot of the service:

google keep screenshot

Photo: Android Police

 The Next Web was able to try out the service before it was removed too and it points out how basic the website looks and speculates that it could have been meant for mobile.

The first traces of Google Keep were discovered last year via another Google+ page:

google keep

Photo: Android Police

Google knows a thing or two about search so integrating a notes service into its suite of products could prove to be useful, productive, and pull users away from popular note-taking service, Evernote.

This isn’t the first time the search giant has tried its luck with note-taking. Previously Google had a similar service called “Google Notebook”, but it was discontinued. Google Notebook was a browser based service, which user to write notes, clip text and images, and save links from pages during a browser session. Google discontinued “Notebook” in 2009 after being available for three years. 

The news of a new Google product arrives just as another one, Google Reader, was just discontinued last week.

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