The Real Reason Google Is Giving Rapper Soulja Boy A Chance To Try Glass recently started notifying the 8,000 “winners” of its #ifihadglass campaign. 

Among them is rapper Soulja Boy, best known for his hit song “Crank That.” 

So just what did Soulja Boy say to earn himself the coveted opportunity to become a Glass Explorer?

“#ifihadglass I would put it in my new music video @projectglass,” the he tweeted the second to last day before the contest ended.

Obviously, this is could be a great marketing opportunity for Google. While some may argue that Soulja Boy isn’t quite as popular as he used to be, he has a pretty healthy Twitter following of more than 5 million people. Though, it’s nowhere close to artist Justin Bieber, who has more than 36 million followers. 

In response to the news, Soulja Boy tweeted, “@projectglass yeah! so cool thanks.” So we figure that means Soulja Boy will accept the invitation and fork over $1,500 to get his hands on a pair of Glass.

Based on the responses, most people seem to be pretty happy for Soulja Boy. Except for one guy named Hunter McIntosh, who tweeted, “@projectglass @souljaboy you have got to be kidding me.”