Google Is Getting Out Of The 3D modelling Business

Example Sketchup drawingAn example of what you can do with SketchUp.

Photo: Ulysses Nolan Paredes via Sketchup Gallery

Google CEO Larry Page has shut down or sold a lot of projects since taking over last year, and today Google added another business to the list: 3D modelling technology SketchUp.The SketchUp team will be joining Trimble, which makes GPS positioning products, according to a post on the official SketchUp blog.

Google bought SketchUp in 2006, and used the technology in Google Earth.

The product is popular among architects and designers, and had more than 30 million activations last year.

But it doesn’t really fit into Google’s core business areas any more, so it makes sense for Google to let it go.

Trimble promises to keep working with Google to maintain the 3D Warehouse, which is an open source repository for 3D models created with the technology.

SketchUp was also the reason Google opened an office in Boulder, Colorado, but the office has expanded a lot since then and will remain open.


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