Google Makes A Big Push Into Social Games

larry page

[credit provider=”AP”]

Google is taking a page from Facebook’s early strategy and building a social gaming platform.

A LinkedIn job posting uncovered by TechCrunch this morning advertises for a Product Manager, Games.

The posting says that the manager “will be significantly influencing Google’s social platform,” which suggests that Google is following Facebook’s model of letting third parties build games with social elements.

With Facebook, games like FarmVille helped attract users to the social network and keep them there for long periods of time.

So far, Google’s latest push into social is confined to Google +1. Introduced last month, +1 is a social-search service which lets users vote on search results, then combines those votes with the user’s social connections to come up with more personalised (and hopefully relevant) results.

But Google has much larger ambitions in the social space — new CEO Larry Page recently tied all employee compensation to the success of Google’s social products.