Google Is Draining Marketing Talent From New York, Complains Ex-Googler

Google CMO Lorraine TwohillGoogle CMO Lorraine Twohill

Photo: Adam Tinworth

Google deserves lots of credit for infusing New York with money and tech talent.

But lately, Google has partly reversed course and begun draining the area of some product marketing talent, a former Google executive now at an area startup tells us.

Google declined to comment on a story about its organizational structure.

This source, a former Googler still in touch with old colleagues, says that Google’s CMO, Lorraine Twohill, has decided the company can be more flexible if more of its marketing people are based in Mountain View, and not in satellite offices.

This source says that as many as a hundred marketing managers were given a quarter to either find new jobs in New York or relocate to California. (Update: A source close to Google says the number is closer to a dozen.)

This is a perfectly defensible move on Google’s part. 

It is, however, a bummer for New York startups, which love to hire Googlers after they get trained up and want a little more risk in their life than a big company can provide.

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