Ex Amazon Employee: Google Is 'A Threat 'To Amazon's Cloud

Jeff BezosAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos

A former Amazon Web Services engineer recently conducted an Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit, and one of the more surprising things he said was just how much of a threat Google’s cloud computing service is to Amazon.

That’s because Google’s cloud is faster than Amazon’s, he said. With cloud computing, where apps run on rented servers over the Internet, performance is very important.

Not that Google is going to topple Amazon’s cloud business anytime soon. Amazon is by far the biggest cloud in every way, from the number of companies that use it to the number of apps and third-party management tech for it.

Still when asked if Microsoft’s cloud, Azure, which recently announced it would match Amazon’s low prices, is a real threat, the engineer answered:

“Well, no, I don’t consider Azure a threat to AWS, but I consider Google a threat to AWS. Google’s cloud has been outperforming AWS since very private beta and performance means a lot in the cloud.

“Anyone who thinks there is a ‘cloud war’ currently and AWS is seeing any type of real challenge is just fooling themselves. Nobody can compete currently with the size of AWS, they were the first in and will be the last out.

“Google however will make it rain a bit, I’ve been using their cloud platform a little bit lately and I have to say. It’s hella impressive.”

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

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