SCREENSHOTS: Google+ Comes To The iPad

google plus ipad

Photo: Screenshot

Google’s social network has been newly optimised for the iPad. It’s available right here for free in iTunes.Now you can share links and pictures, add friends to circles, and video chat with people in a newly-redesigned iOS interface through the Google+ app.

Tap the icon to get started

Log in with your credentials

Instant Upload is a feature similar to Apple's Photo Stream, syncing every photo you take over the Internet in the background. We decided to turn it off

You're presented with a list of people you might know so you can add them to Circles. Let's add Ellis to a Circle

And his posts how populate our homepage

We can slide right to left to see more of them

Tap the pencil in the top right to post a video, picture, or text update

This interface obviously works in portrait orientation as well

Tap on a post to view the comments and responses

Tapping the three small lines that appear in the top left bring up this menu

You have quick access to your own profile to see how everyone else sees you

And you can start a hang out, of course. Let's see if we can video chat with Tools Editor Steve Kovach

Sure enough!

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