These Charts From Google's Conference Reveal The Current State Of The Company

Google held its annual I/O developers conference Wednesday, and the company made a ton of announcements regarding the company’s presence on your wrist, in the car, and on your smartphone or computer.

In addition to all of the product announcements, the Google presenters showed off some new numbers and charts that really help visualise where Google is at these days. We threw together some of the most interesting charts from the conference to give you a look into the numbers behind Google.

The number of active Android users is doubling every year. There are now 1 billion people using Android.

Android smartphone shipments are steadily rising.

As are Android tablets.

Android tablets now account for 62% of global tablet shipments.

42% of tablet YouTube views come from Android tablets.

There are now 300 million monthly active mobile users on Google's web browser, Chrome.

Google says it gets more YouTube engagement from Chromecast than any other streaming TV device.

All top-10 highest rated laptops on Amazon are Chromebooks.

Now take a look at Google's new Android software

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