Google has showed a lot of stuff at its big conference each year -- here are the hits and flops

Remember Nexus Q, Google’s orb shaped media player?

Probably not, since the baffling device never shipped after its unveiling at the company’s 2012 developers’ conference.

And Q isn’t Google’s only IO flop over the years.

Now that this years’ show has wound down, the folks at Vennage took stock of some of Google’s highest highs and lowest lows. 

It isn’t an exhaustive list — for example, there’s no mention of Project Ara, the mix-n-match phone concept first revealed in 2013 or some of the other wacky side projects Google has announced — but it’s still a fun little reminder that not all the hype ends up paying off, while some products really do make history. 

Check it out:

Infographic: History of Google I/O | Venngage
History of Google I/O | Infographic Maker

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