7 overseas fashion tech startups spent a week with Google in London -- we got to join them

Google Campus Sarah DrinkwaterYouTubeSarah Drinkwater is head of Google Campus in London.

Seven overseas fashion tech startups cosied up with Google in London this week as they look to scale their businesses.

The five-day exchange programme, led by Google program manager Francesca Dean, is designed to help the overseas startups forge relationships with retailers, investors, and other London companies.

The program, organised by the Google for Entrepreneurs division, includes workshops, mentoring sessions, networking, and VIP dinners. The full agenda can be seen here.

Business Insider went to meet the cohort at Google’s London office on Tottenham Court Road on Wednesday. Here’s what we found out.

The fashion tech startups piled into one of Google's conference rooms and told journalists about their businesses.


Sarah Drinkwater, head of Google's Campus, told Business Insider: 'Given that London is such a hub for fashion and retail tech, we selected seven startups that were nominated by our global partners to come here for a week-long immersion in the city, from investor meetings to product mentoring.'


'Through the Google for Entrepreneurs network (Campuses and partners in 42 locations, from Galvanize in San Francisco, to Factory in Berlin, Gaza Sky Geeks, Fishburners in Sydney), we know there are communities of founders the world over keen to scale,' said Drinkwater.

Factory Berlin Mitte is home to small teams from the likes of Uber and Twitter, as well as a number of local startups.

The startups on the exchange program flew in from all over the world but the plane ticket was just about all they had to pay for.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Google paid for the startups to stay in Airbnb accomodation around Old Street's 'Silicon Roundabout', which is a few minutes walk from the Google Campus startup hub.

We got to meet all the startups involved. COSIGN is an American startup with smart tagging technology that allows consumers to shop directly from the image.


Shammane is a French startup with a smartwatch that 'helps you stay connected to the people, places, and events you care about most, without sacrificing style.'The smartwatch comes with interchangeable straps.


DeepVision is a Canadian startup that applies deep learning and its proprietary image processing technology to static images to make them more interactive. The company's technology could allow, for example, a Daily Mail reader to click on a photo of Kim Kardashian and find out information about her outfit.


triMirror is a US/Canadian virtual reality startup that allows shoppers to see what they look like in certain clothing through an app. The app shows shoppers where clothes will be too tight or too loose with a heat map


StyleID is a Canadian startup that helps TV and movie viewers to identify what clothes are being worn by the people on-screen.


The Brubaker is a Spanish startup with a luxury men's fashion website that claims to offer consumers the 'best in class garments at half the price.'

The BruBaker

StyleSage is a Spanish startup that aims to deliver data-driven insights to help fashion brands and retailers maximise sales and optimise merchandising and planning. StyleSage decided to spell out what they do with this graphic on a whiteboard in the Google boardroom.

Business Insider/Sam Shead

Business Insider questioned Drinkwater on what Google stands to gain from the exchange program and the answer appears to be nothing. She responded: 'Campus, and our work with startups, is simply our way of giving back -- Google itself began in a garage 17 years ago and we now have the resources, skills and belief in the transformative power of entrepreneurship to help those who are at the start of their founder journey.'

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