THE ELITE: These Guys Are Google's Very Best

simon tong googleThis guy holds 84 patents for Google.

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Google obviously has an army of inventors tinkering away in Mountain View and around the world, but here are 10 who stand out above the rest for holding more search patents than anyone else in the company. Thanks to Seravia for the data.

Kamvar Sepandar figured out how to determine an author's reputation.

Sepandar helped patent a system for determining the 'reputation of an author of online content.' The more reputable the system determines the author to be, the higher the article will be displayed in search results.

Number of patents held: 42

Sergey Brin helped invent searching by voice.

Outside of being Google's co-founder, one of Brin's patents is for 'voice interface for a search engine.' It appears in practice in the voice search in Google's mobile app.

Number of patents held: 42

Adam Smith helped design Google's user interface.

Smith is one of the people holding the patent on Google's iconic user interface. It's recognisable anywhere.

Number of patents held: 42

Taher Haveliwala figured out how to keep junk links out of your search results.

Haveliwala jointly holds a patent for a 'method for detecting link spam in hyperlinked databases.' Because such a huge part of search result ordering is determined by number and quality of links, this method thankfully helps separate junk links out.

Number of patents held: 44

Glen Jeh helped build autocomplete.

Jeh helped build a 'method and system for autocompletion using ranked results.' As you type your search terms into Google, he's one of the people responsible for the search suggestions that appear below it.

Number of patents held: 44

Amit Singhal got you search results in the language you want.

Amit Singhal is one of the people holding the patent on a 'system and method for providing preferred language ordering of search results.' Someone who only speaks English is interested in English language search results above all else. Singhal helped develop the system that puts them first.

Number of patents held: 46

Guha Ramanathan made it easier to find specific things.

He was another one helping make Google Search better. He has the patent on a 'system and method for disambiguating entities in a web page search.' In the example provided in his patent, a user searching for 'Asha' may be looking for information on an educational charity, the American Speech and Hearing Association, the singer Asha Bhosle, the American Saddle Horse Association, or the American Social Health Association. His patent help you narrow down what you're looking for.

Number of patents held: 48

Benedict Gomes designed a system to catalogue webpages.

Gomes helped design a system for the 'distributed crawling of hyperlinked documents.' One of the best ways Google finds new pages is by letting 'robots' crawl webpages all the time, cataloging their contents and making note of any newly linked pages -- he's one of the guys behind this.

Number of patents held: 66

Stephen Lawrence figured out another way to display the most important search results first.

Among Lawrence's patents you'll find the 'methods and systems for improving search ranking using article information.' He helped improve Google's search results by letting users search based on criteria like edit time, type of article, and size of article.

Number of patents held: 76

Simon Tong is the reason your search results are highlighted.

He holds the patent on a 'document search engine including highlighting of confident results.' When your search terms appear in a page, Google bolds them as a means to provide 'visual cues that assist the user in browsing the links.'

Number of patents held: 84

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