Google Wants To Buy Catch Media To Make Android Better

Google has shown some interest in buying Catch Media, a cloud-based content delivery company, Greg Sandoval at CNET reports.

Catch Media allows users to access stuff like movies and music on a number of devices. On its site it shows users listening to music through their cable boxes, as well in their cars and elsewhere.

Greg describes the company’s ambitions this way, “If Catch has its way, consumers will one day access media from different vendors and devices as easily as people withdraw money from any available ATM.”

Apple has a number of music and video technologies in this area, including iTunes and QuickTime, that Android is having a hard time competing with. For instance, there’s no legal way to rent and watch movies on Android phones yet. And Apple beat Google to acquiring Lala last year, so this sort of acquisition could make sense.

Greg doesn’t know if the talks between Google and Catch have formalized yet.

Yesterday Google acquired mobile email startup reMail, and CEO Eric Schmidt has promised to purchase a startup per month.

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