Here's What People Are Saying About Google Instant


Photo: Flickr via Enrique Dans

Google just announced a new search product, Google Instant, which streams search results to users as they type in their search queries.The feature will be coming to more browsers and countries in the weeks and months to cme, but for people in the United States using one of the major browsers, it’s already live.

So, how are users responding to it?

Some are gushing

Others, not so much

Alyssa Milano appears to be making fun of it

Some are using this as an excuse to take random potshots

This is a serious limitation: who actually goes to Google's home page anymore?

People on the outside are already upset

Once you try it, you want more!


And more!

This isn't your parents' Google

Is it so good it's bad?

Mmmmm, laziness

Did Google pay for hype it didn't need?

See, check out this perfectly free hype

And this!

Well, you can't win 'em all

And this is a bad thing?

Feeding your ego, faster than ever before

Google Instant can't make people less crazy


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