The ABCs According To Google Instant


Google just introduced its latest search innovation, instant streaming search results as you type.

As a part of the instant results, you can see how Google defines the alphabet. It completes each word as you enter a letter.

Inspired by Jeff Jarvis, who started tweeting Google Instant results, we’ve aggregated the alphabet according to Google.

These are the results we get through our Gmail account. It can vary slightly from person to person.

A is for AOL (or Aol. if you prefer).

B is for Bank of America

C is for Craigslist

D is for dictionary

E is for eBay

F is for Facebook

G is for gmail (and not google).

H is for hotmail.

I is for Ikea

J is for Jet Blue

K is for Kmart

L is for LIRR.

M is for Mapquest.

N is for Netflix.

O is for Orbitz

P is for Pandora.

Q is for quotes (which is weird to us.)

R is for realtor.

S is for Staples.

T is for Target.

U is for UPS.

V is for Verizon.

W is for weather.

X is for Xbox.

Y is for Yahoo.

Z is for z100 (the NYC music station.)

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