Google plans to bring free Wi-Fi to 400 train stations in India

Google just announced plans to bring free Wi-fi to 400 train stations across India in the next several years.

Partnering with India’s largest railway network and a major fibre internet company, Google says it will connect 100 stations before the end of 2016.

“We think this is an important part of making the internet both accessible and useful for the more than 300 million Indians already online, and the nearly one billion more who are not,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai writes in the company’s blog post on the news.

The service will be free at the outset, with the goal of eventually finding a way to make it a self-sustaining initiative.

The company timed its announcement with the visit of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been visiting with some of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies, including Tesla and Facebook.

In the past year, 100 million people in India used the internet for the first time, with hundreds of millions still without internet access, making the country ripe with opportunities for big tech companies to extend their services.

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