Google Includes Tablets In Its Online Phone Gallery

Android, Google’s open source software package and mobile operating system, has proven to be a legitimate threat and alternative to Apple’s iPhone operating system, iOS. Initially released in October 2008 Android has grown its market share from nine per cent to 30 six per cent, a four hundred per cent increase, over the past year alone.

It should come as no surprise that countless Android focused websites such as,, and exist .  However, most shoppers are unaware that Google maintains the Google Phone Gallery, a webpage which lists and allows comparison between devices running Android from around the world.  

Sortable by thirteen manufacturers, 40-two operators, and thirteen countries of availability, the site permits side-by-side comparison of up to three devices at a time. You can visit it at  

However, Google recently decided to include tablets running the Android operating system in the phone gallery.  Lacking the functionality most frequently associated with a phone — the ability to make a phone call without the use of a web-based application — the Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak 7, and Samsung Galaxy Tab seem vaguely out of place.

Given that there are more than 60 tablets running Android currently available for purchase or rumoured to be in development according to, it might be time for Google to rename the page to the Android Gallery instead.