Google To Take Over San Francisco Space For Engineers Who Don't Want To Commute To Silicon Valley

285 Alabama StreetGoogle Maps/Screenshot285 Alabama St.

You know what’s worse than a Google bus in the middle of San Francisco’s Mission District?

A Google-owned building in the middle of San Francisco’s Mission District.

And now Mission residents can look forward to just that: Google plans to take over a 35,000-square-foot building in the heart of the Mission, at 285 Alabama St., according to the Financial Times.

Sources who spoke to the Financial Times say that the space will be used to house startups that the company has acquired, and will be a “cool” space for employees to work.

“When Google is buying companies, they don’t want to work in the big corporate building in San Francisco or Mountain View. So they are acquiring something cool in the Mission where engineers want to work,” a source from the neighbourhood told the Financial Times.

According to the VC Post, the building is also zoned for manufacturing.

Hardware firms could utilise the site for gadget and device development since the building which was constructed in the 1920s is zoned for manufacturing. With the leasing of the space, Google could be thinking of acquiring more startups focused on making hardware as it grows from web search and dips its hand into other markets like wearable technology, robotics and the Internet of Things, the report said.

Google recently purchased Nest Labs, as well as Bot and Dolly, a San Francisco-based company that makes robotics for films. Google also recently acquired Israeli-based SlickLogin, which develops security technology.

Another day, another example of Google’s push to expand.

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