Google's Weirdest Investment Yet? $1 Million To Human Powered Monorail Company Shweeb

shweeb monorail

Photo: Shweeb

Google has invested $1 million in Shweeb, a New Zealand company that wants to make bicycle monorail pods to transport people around urban areas.The investment was part of Google’s “Project 10^100,” which asked people to submit world changing companies/ideas for Google to invest in.

The other companies that received money:

  • Khan Academy for putting education online.
  • FIRST, a non-profit for science and engineering education.
  • to make government more transparent.
  • The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, which provides education to African students.

Shweeb is supposed to “drive innovation in public transport.” The money will go towards funding research to see if these pods can work in urban areas. We could have saved Google $1 million. This will not work.

For now, Shweeb is just a ride in Rotorua, New Zealand.

But Shweeb wants to make these things serious transportation.

The next group of photos are artist renders of what Shweeb thinks could work in the future

Here's a video

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