Google Keeping Android Honeycomb Closed For “Foreseeable Future”

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Google will not be making Honeycomb, the latest iteration of its Android software, open for developers to play with and tweak for the “foreseeable future,” BusinessWeek reports.Google tells BusinessWeek its software is not ready to be altered by outside developers.

Android boss Andy Rubin says Honeycomb is not ready for phones. If Google were to open it up to the world at large, it could end up on smartphones and users might end up with some crappy experiences.

Google gave HTC, Samsung, Motorola and others access to the code to make tablets.

Rubin swears Android is still an open operating system, and Google isn’t changing its position. But by keep the software closed off from everyone but a handful of partners it will raise the eyebrows of all the people who are sceptical about Google’s talk about being “open.”