Google is creating pop-up doughnut shops across the US to give away the Home Mini -- here's what it's like inside

Google’s latest home assistant — the Home Mini — is a $US49 smart speaker that is about the size of a doughnut. To celebrate its release, Google is setting up pop-up doughnut shops around the US and giving away Home Minis. Here’s what you need to know. Following is the text of the video.

Inside Google’s pop-up doughnut shop. This doughnut shop is run by Google. The company is opening pop-up shops like it around the US. They’re giving away Google’s new Home Mini
which is about the size of a doughnut. Conveyor belts run throughout the shop. They carry doughnuts and Home Mini devices. Once inside, visitors ring a bell and ask a Home Mini a question. A small box is then dispensed. What’s inside the box? You’ll get either doughnuts or a Home Mini. There’s also a “Sprinkle Booth.” Visitors can dance around a shower of confetti. Pop-up shops are scheduled to appear in these cities:

  • Brooklyn: Oct. 20-22
  • Austin: Oct. 21-22
  • Oklahoma City: Oct. 28-29
  • Madison, Wis.: Nov. 2
  • Chicago: Nov. 4-5
  • Indianapolis: Nov. 4-5
  • St. Louis: Nov. 9

Visit for exact details. Good luck!

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