Google Hit With Another Antitrust Complaint

Eric Schmidt at Mobile World CongressGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress

French company 1plusV, which creates specialised search engines for topics such as law and music, has filed a fresh antitrust complaint with the European Commission. The complaint claims that competing search engines are required to use Google search technology if they want to display Google advertisements on their sites, which closes off competition.1plusV is the company behind the French legal Web site, which was one of the companies that filed initial complaints against Google with the EC. Those complaints said that Google was artificially favouring its own sites in search results, and pushing down competing search sites. The Commission launched a formal investigation in November.

The company told the Financial Times that was at one point getting more than 1.5 million page views per month, and was considered to be more relevant than Google for French legal cases because it used a combination of algorithmic and editorially selected results.

But Google repeatedly de-listed Ejustice.from from its search results, according to the company, which basically killed traffic to the site.

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