Google Hawking Chrome Overseas, On YouTube (GOOG)

Google’s (GOOG) Chrome browser has minuscule market share. So what’s Google doing to get more people using their new browser? Quite a lot, actually, it’s just that those of us in the English-speaking world aren’t seeing much of it.

Google made a bit of a spash when it advertised its G1 mobile phone on the homepage, but contrast with its Japanese portal, Chrome gets prominent play, as do other Google properties like YouTube and Gmail.

Veteran Google-watcher Alex Chitu spots Chrome ads on YouTube, although when we checked ourselves we didn’t see them.

More Asian advertising: Flickr user Andyket spots a Chrome billboard ad in Taipei.

It’s great Google is making a more robust effort to get their new browser out there than a lot of us may be recognising. But for Chrome to really take off, Google needs to start inviting developers to build the types of extensions and add-ons that have made Firefox so popular. And probably start paying companies like Dell (DELL) and HP (HPQ) to pre-install it on new PCs. (And where’s that Chrome for Mac?)

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