Google Glasses May Limit Peripheral Vision

Photo: Justin Sullivan/ Getty

Scientists who tested Google glasses found that the head-mounted display systems creat a partial peripheral vision obstruction.

Interest in wearable head-mounted display systems is increasing with multiple models in production.

However, their effect on vision is largely unknown.

Peripheral visual is essential for daily activities such as driving, pedestrian safety and sports.

Tsontcho Ianchulev, of the University of California, San Francisco, and colleagues tested three healthy people with good vision.

Visual field testing demonstrated significant blind spots while wearing the device, creating a visual obstruction in the upper right.

Defects were induced by the frame hardware design only and not related to any distracting effect of the software.

The authors note that the study is limited by the small number of participants and that a larger sample is needed.

“Additional studies are needed to understand the effects of these devices on visual function, particularly as their use becomes increasingly common,” the authors say.

The results of the study are reported in the journal JAMA.

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