GLASS UNBOXED: This Is What You Get When You Buy Google's $1,500 Computerized Glasses

Voila! Here's Glass. Pretty slick

Earlier this year, Google asked people to apply for the right to spend $1,500 on an early version of Glass, a computer you wear on your face.

YouTube user Dan McLaughlin is one of the 8,000 people Google selected.

Last weekend he went to Google headquarters in California and picked up his Glass.

The minute he got home, he made an “unboxing” video showing what exactly he got for his $1,500.

This is the bag Glass comes in.

Here's the box itself

It slides open – very much like an iPhone box

Under the top of the box, there's a set of instructions on how to begin

Voila! Here's Glass. Pretty slick

There's more underneath.

There's a felt bag/carrying case. It has a hard, protective bottom and a tie top.

This is the wall socket charger

Here's the USB cord

The USB cord goes into Glass at a right angle, so you can charge it while wearing

Here's a little envelope/box. Inside, we find…

…extra nosepads. Crucial.

Glass comes with two more boxes – option sunglasses and clear lenses

When you open one of these boxes, you find a lens in a felt bag

It snaps into the Glass fram pretty easily, with a easy push and a twist

When you turn Glass on, this light comes on too.

Here's the video

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