BI INTELLIGENCE FORECAST: Google Glass Will Become A Mainstream Product And Sell Millions By 2016

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Google Glass is an attempt to bring smart eyewear to the masses.

Google is aiming for an early to mid-2014 debut of the gadget to the general public, and has already released a Glass Development Kit or GDK to app developers. Despite the clunkiness and awkwardness of the early beta version of Glass, we think computerized glasses will establish themselves in certain professional niches and gradually become a mainstream product. Early adopters will use them for medical training, scientific exploration, and photography. They in turn will popularise Glass and other smart eyewear among wider populations still unsure about the appeal.

We at BI Intelligence expect unit sales of Glass to climb sharply in the years after its official launch, to 21 million units in annual sales by year-end 2018. At $US500 per unit, this equates to a $10.5 billion annual market opportunity. We believe this to be the most likely size, but we provide high-, mid- and low-range sales estimates that could result based on a number of factors.

How did we get to these estimates? In a new report on Google Glass from BI Intelligence, we explain the model and methodology behind the forecasts in detail, and analyse each of the key strategic components — price, developer interest, and cultural barriers — that have a significant impact on the market for Google Glass. The report is accompanied by a slide deck and is full of charts and data sets that can be downloaded and put to use.

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Here’s a brief overview of key factors that will determine the market for Google Glass:

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