A Bar Patron Was Allegedly Robbed Of His Google Glass After Being Threatened With A Taser

A man in Venice, Calif. was allegedly robbed of his Google Glass and laptop after being threatened with a taser, according to CBS Los Angeles, citing local police.

Police told CBS the incident took place around 8 p.m. Monday evening at the Waterfront Cafe, but couldn’t release details on two suspects.

The alleged theft took place just days after Business Insider’s Kyle Russell was assaulted while wearing Google Glass in San Francisco. The heads-up display was snatched directly off his face before being smashed on the ground as he tried to take it back.

Google Glass has already been banned by several bars, including Molotov on Haight Street in San Francisco and The 5 Point in Seattle.

Just as these incidents are being reported, Google has invited members of the public to participate in its Explorer program that lets people buy Google Glass before the product’s official launch. Until this point, only pre-registered members of the program were allowed to pay $US1,500 for a Google Glass headset. Now, any adult in the United States can purchase Google Glass as part of a one-day-only promotion.

Google has yet to mention when Glass will officially launch, but it’s expected to become available for consumers some time this year.

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