A Bunch Of Google Glass Wearers Were Brutally But Hilariously Trolled On 'The Daily Show'

On Thursday night’s episode of “The Daily Show,” a bunch of Google Glass wearing folks were totally ripped on for their choice of technology head gear.

Jon Stewart comically “feels” for them. After all, discrimination is a terrible thing.

“The Daily Show’s” Jason Jones talked to 6 Google Glass “explorers” (“Excuse me, did you just call yourself an explorer?”) including former Business Insider technology reporter Kyle Russell.

Russell was assaulted in the early spring for wearing Glass in a San Francisco neighbourhood.

Jones asked them questions like: “Are you recording me right now?”

“What’s so inconvenient about using your cell phone?”

and harder hitting probes such as, “Seriously?”

When Russell called Google Glass an “interface between the user and the rest of the world,” Jones had heard enough.

“An interface? Those are called eyes,” he sighed.

Then he went and made his own version of Glass, to see what all of the fuss was about.

Jones soon understood how it felt to be discriminated, as people kept accusing him of recording them.

He didn’t find the experience to be very enjoyable.

And was even kicked out of a playground for wearing the headgear. (“Since when is a grown man not allowed to go into a kid’s park wearing a camera on his face?”)

You can watch the entire hilarious clip here:

The Daily Show

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