Even Life-Long Nerd, And Self-Described Futurist, Nick Bilton Thinks Google Glass Is Creepy And Pointless

google glass alyson
Big ol’ Glasshole.

New York Times writer Nick Bilton doesn’t seem to be too keen on a world filled with Google Glass users.

He writes that the “future came crashing down on me” when he was at Google’s big developer conference this week. There were hundreds of people walking around with Google Glass, and he found them to be slightly creepy.

His chief complaint seems to be that they’re perpetually wearing cameras, so they can be filming every moment of life. He also thinks Glass makes the user zoned out, and not paying attention.

Also, he thinks Glass is sort of redundant:

Often, Google Glass owners looked strange. Many were using their mobile phones while wearing the glasses — defeating a declared purpose of the new gadget, to free you from having to look at your phone. Another man continually looked at his watch to check the time, even through the glasses display a clock right above your eye.

Bilton is not your average man about town. He calls himself a lifelong nerd. He also has a book titled, “I Live In The Future, And Here’s How It Works.”

It’s still early days for Google and Google Glass. But, if it’s losing an avowed futurist like Bilton, it can’t be a good sign.