Google Glass Is A Great First Step, But The Execution Needs To Get Way Better

fake google glass

Dustin Curtis, creator of the Svbtle blogging network, recently got a chance to borrow Google Glass and wrote up a quick review of his thoughts on the device in its current form.

While he liked the design of the hardware and said that it feels “like something from the future that is worth at least $1,000,” he had several significant complaints about using the device in the real world:

  • The screen is nearly unreadable in daylight. To use it, you have to look at a dark spot, like a shadow or the roof of your car while driving.
  • Having to look up and to the right to see the screen feels unnatural.
  • You only have a second or two to unlock it after waking the device, which means that you sometimes have to try a couple times if you aren’t fast enough.
  • Glass does not respond if you don’t use the exact voice commands it expects.
  • The touchpad on the side of the device does not always function as expected, increasing the learning curve.
  • The battery life is terrible – in the range of two hours with continuous usage.

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