GOOGLE: These Are The Glass Apps We Want

Couldn’t make it to Google’s fireside chat with the Glass team?

The Next Web has a paraphrased transcript of the event, and in it, the Google Glass team talks about the apps they’d most like to see for the device.

Here’s what they had to say.

Isabelle Olson, lead industrial designer: “I’m really in to karaoke. If there was a way to sing and have the lyrics located in Glass, so that you could face your drunk friends as you scream, that would be awesome.”

Charles Mendis, Glass engineer: “I would love to be able to pay with Glass. To just say, ok, pay, and then move on.”

Steve Lee, product director: “I am an exercise fanatic, and would love to have a fitness app on Glass, and to have it integrate with my heart rate monitor. With that app, I could have information relevant to my workout fed to me, without breaking my stride. This would also make cycling a much safer activity.”

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