Google Will Likely Approve This Glass App That Lets You Wink To Take A Picture

Google Glass pickup Chelsea Market aaron henshaw

Yesterday we wrote about an app for Google Glass that lets you take a picture with a wink. 

Wink is not an official Glass app, meaning that Google hasn’t approved it. So for now, only developers and other tech savvy individuals who know how to run an APK will be able to use it. 

But we bet Google will approve this app. Here’s why.

“While Wink to take a photo isn’t currently an active feature, the spirit of our Explorer Program program is for developers to hack together new features,” a Google spokesperson told Business Insider via email. “Hands-free photography is one of the things people love most about Glass. Like Glass’ voice commands, this would be another way to make Glass really easy and fast to use either by capturing a great moment before it’s gone, or by opening up greater communication possibilities for people with physical disabilities.”

Google has not explicitly stated it would approve the app, but it sounds like they’re very open it. And based on my experience with Glass, this would be a true game-changer. Even though it’s not that hard to say “Ok, Glass, take a picture” or tap the side button, doing temporarily pulls you out of the moment that you’re trying to capture.

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