There's An App For Google Glass That Lets You Control Your Tesla

google glass

People lucky enough to own both Google Glass and a Tesla Model S now have the option to remote control certain features of their car right from their headset.

Glass Tesla, an unofficial app by Sahas Katta, is free to download and takes advantage of the Tesla’s built-in wireless capabilitiess.

It lets users quickly check on the charging status of their cars (useful when a full charge can take hours), place your car on a map so you can easily find it, and lock and unlock the car remotely.

GigaOm’s Lauren Hockenson thinks that this app is a first step to having a proper “heads-up display” (or “HUD”) in a car – instead of having information like speed, gear, and navigation built into the dashboard, it would be directly displayed in your field of vision so that you don’t have to look away from the road. 

Unfortunately, Google Glass in its current form isn’t really ready for such use. As we’ve noted before, Glass users claim that its screen is “nearly unreadable”in daylight. The fact that you’d have to look at the ceiling of your car just to see the HUD would make the functionality useless. 

The poor battery life of Google Glass is also a problem. With less than two hours of continuous usage before needing a recharge, drivers wouldn’t even make it through a short road trip before they had to switch back to using the dashboard.

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