Google Glass And Apple iWatches May Seem Dumb – But Then, So Did Wristwatches Once

Colin Harvey via Flickr”Who needs a wristwatch when you have one of these?” – Some guy way back whenGoogle’s computerized glasses, Google Glass, are so geeky and pretentious-looking that people who wear them are called “Glassholes.”

Likewise, most people laugh at the news that Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple are all working on computerized watches or “smartwatches.”

The question people ask is: Who needs a watch or a computer for your face when you have a smartphone?

But here’s the thing.

That kind of question has been asked before.

Back when everyone used pocket watches.

Reviewing Google Glass, an engineer manager at Adobe named Christian Cantwell, writes:

Wristwatches were once widely thought to be a threat to masculinity. It wasn’t until soldiers started strapping their pocket watches to their wrists because it was much more practical than having to remove them from a pocket that wristwatches started to gain acceptance beyond frivolous feminine accessories.

Responding to that quote, Google Ventures partner MG Siegler, makes a good point:

Will Glass be the product to take off here? Who knows. What I do know is that it’s ridiculous how many times a day all of us reach into our pockets…

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