Google Promises To Invest In Clean Energy, Again


Google’s director of climate change and energy initiatives, Dan Reicher, says the company will soon make a foray into clean energy project investing. Reicher has made similar comments before about how Google wants to become more active in helping clean power projects cross the so-called “valley of death,” where promising technologies can easily flounder from lack of funding between the research and development stage and the commercialization stage.

Back in February 2008 at the Clean Tech Investor Summit in Palm Springs, Calif., Reicher told the audience that Google plans to fund “high-risk” clean energy projects that have proven difficult to finance. Google has the capital to take on those high-risk projects, explained Reicher back then. It was the same sentiment at the meeting at Google’s headquarters on Monday, in which Reicher reiterated that it was taking too long to move from “light bulb to light bulb,” or the idea to the product.

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