Google+ Gets Games, Including Zynga

larry page king google+

[credit provider=”Dylan Love”]

Just as the early momentum behind Google+ seemed to be slowing, Google has taken the next step and added social games to the network.The addition has been widely rumoured for several months now, and Google even slipped up and spilled the beans in a quickly retracted addition to its support page last month.

Vic Gundotra announced the addition on the Google Blog a few minutes ago. Initial games include Angry Birds (Rovio’s Peter Vesterbrecka was on stage at Google I/O in May, so not a huge surprise there) and Bejeweled.

There’s also at least one Zynga game on the list — Zynga Poker. Looks like Google’s $100 million-plus investment in Zynga could pay off after all.

One nice feature: notifications from games will occupy a different page on Google+, so your main news feed won’t be cluttered up with them. Mark Zuckerberg might take note.