Here's how to see what Republican candidates are saying during the debate using Google's experimental new tool

Ted cruzScott Olson/Getty ImagesSen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Tonight’s the night: Republican presidential primary candidates are facing off for their final debate before the Iowa caucuses.

Because responses tend to get truncated or swallowed during these debates (even though Trump won’t be participating in this one), Google is partnering with Fox News to test out a new publishing tool that will let each campaign publish longer content directly to search results in real time.

For example, if Carly Fiorina’s campaign wanted to refute something that Ted Cruz said about one of her views, they could use the platform to get the message out there.

To see all of the responses that the candidates are sharing, just search “Fox News debate.”

Google hopes its tool will help voters “make more informed choices” and will “level the playing field for candidates.”

It looks like this:

Google also has a debate-specific Trends page:

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