Google Has A Cool New Way To Find Cheap Plane Tickets

Boeing, Dreamliner

Photo: Boeing

Google apparently took some time off from its self-driving car project to solve another major problem – overpriced airline tickets.It’s a service called Google Flights Explorer, built on top of Google Flights. If you’re relatively flexible in your itinerary, it will help you find cheaper flights leaving and arriving around the same time.

For pragmatic fliers who don’t care how or when they get there, just how much it costs to get there, this is the perfect solution.

Go to to get started

I'd like to be in Austin, TX, for New Year's Eve, so let's enter JFK as our departure...

...and Austin-Bergstrom as our destination

We'll want to stay a few days after New Year's Eve as well, so let's set the dates to be December 30 to January 3

Google will immediately generate a list of all your options and sort them by price. I obviously like the cheapest option, so let's click on it

It gives you a breakdown of your itinerary for your outbound flight first

Then lets you choose a return flight. Again, I still like that cheapest option. Let's click on it

It immediately sends us to American's website, where we simply enter our billing information and choose seating options. That's it!

BUT! If we want to see if it's cheaper to fly on another day, we can go to

If we set our departure and destination again, we see that there's actually the same trip for much less money

It leaves a day earlier, but we can roll with that. After clicking on that dark blue bar to select the cheapest flight, it takes us back to this screen, where we would proceed just as before to buy our ticket

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