Here's Why You Will Instantly Dump Your Cable Company To Get Google fibre

Google fibre serviceBehold: The Google Guy!

Photo: Google

Google fibre will soon be a viable cable alternative in many neighborhoods in Kansas City.Hopefully it will also soon become an alternative in every city.

For $120 a month, Google fibre brings you normal cable TV, a massive digital video recorder, and broadband Internet access that is 100-times as fast as your cable company’s.

For $70 a month, you can get just the Internet access.

If that’s not enough, there’s one promise Google is making that will make cable customers everywhere jump for joy.

Google is promising that its installer will arrive when he or she says he will arrive — not force you to stay home for hours for an appointment “window.”

It’s a big country, so it will unfortunately likely take a while for Google to come to your neighbourhood.

But if nothing else, here’s hoping Google fibre scares the bejeezus out of the cable industry, forcing cable companies to upgrade their own broadband services and finally put a bigger premium on customer service.

Google fibre is a new tv and internet service rolling out in Kansas City.

The TV service is basically cable TV. The Internet service is 100-times as fast as your cable company's.

Together, the two services will cost you $120 a month, less than many cable bills. The Internet alone costs $70.

Google recently made a video that explains what Google fibre is and how it works. Here are some screenshots....

Google fibre is exactly what it sounds like: fibre to your house.

Google is building out neighborhoods in Kansas City, piggybacking off the utility polls.

This is what it looks like. A little glass fibre. Almost as thin as a thread.

Then, on home-installation day, the Google guy shows up in a truck.

In a promise that will scare cable companies everywhere, the Google Guy will show up when he says he's going to show up.

He will apparently be smiling.

The Google Guy will bring a bunch of network boxes. They come in stylish, colour-coordinated packaging.

The Google Guy will pull the fibre into your house.

The TV boxes can use WiFi and bluetooth to communicate with your TV, thus needing fewer wires.

The TV boxes chat with the Storage box through existing cable wiring.

Next, the Google Guy will give you a present: A free Nexus 7 tablet that you can use as your remote control. That's in exchange for a 2-year subscription.

And you're off!

Two analysts from BTIG Research, Rich Greenfield and Walt Piecyk, just went to Kansas City to check out how well Google fibre works. The answer? Well. They clocked the Internet at very close to 1-gig speeds, upstream and downstream.

The episde detail on the screen is familiar. This episode is available on Netflix, which presumably costs extra.

The rest of the interface options are familiar to anyone with an Apple TV or Netflix. You can buy stuff.

Here's the video in which Google explains Google fibre

And here's BTIG's walkthrough of the TV interface.

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