HOORAY! Google Wants To Bring Super-High-Speed Internet To Other Cities, Too

Google fibre boxGoogle fibre box

Photo: Google fibre

The folks in Kansas City are lucky ducks for getting Google’s high-speed Internet fibre project deployed there. But what about the rest of us?When will Google bring us Internet that’s 100 times faster and an awesome new high-def pay-TV service?

Answer: Someday. While the company didn’t have details, a spokesperson confirmed that Kansas City is just the beginning. “We’ll be looking at ways to bring ultra high-speeds to other communities,” a PR person told us.

Now, Google’s fibre project isn’t the only gigabit-per-second Internet around. Chattanooga, Tenn.’s public utility, EPB, has offered a gigabit fibre-to-the-home connection for about three years. But it currently costs about $300 a month. Ditto for Paxio, which offers a gigabit Internet connection in the Bay Area for $245.00 a month.

So Google fibre is unique because it is 1) affordable and 2) includes pay TV.

People in Kansas City (both the Kansas and Missouri sides) can get the Internet service for “free” after paying a one-time $300 connection fee (or $25/month for a year). High-speed Internet service plus TV will cost $120 a month.

So hurry up, Google, and spread some of that low-cost gigabit Internet love around.

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