Google wants you to use its delivery service to buy your fruits and veggies

Watch out, Instacart.

Google is testing the expansion of its speedy delivery service, Express, to include perishable foods like fruits and veggies or frozen pizza.

The addition of these goods make Express much more competitive with startups like Instacart as well as Amazon’s grocery shopping service, Prime Fresh.

It’s a little tricky to compare prices between the services, because each has a bunch of variables.

For Express, grocery deliveries start at $2.99 for people who pay its $10 a month ($95 a year) membership fee, and $4.99 for everyone else. Prime Fresh delivers for $299 a year membership ( with no other delivery fees), though it has been fiddling with that model.

Instacart costs $3.99 for two-hour delivery and $5.99 for one hour delivery, but can cost more during busy delivery times.

Right now, you can only try the new Express if you live in parts of San Francisco or Las Angeles.

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