Everything Google announced at its big hardware event

Google just unveiled a slew of new hardware on Wednesday.

At its hardware event in San Francisco, Google launched two new smartphones, a hybrid laptop, wireless headphones, and two smart speakers.

While some products, like the new Pixel phones, are updates from products Google released this time last year, others — like the Google Home Max, a new high-end smart speaker — are completely new.

Here’s a look at everything Google just announced:

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Pixel 2


The Pixel 2 is similar in size and design to last year's Pixel. The 64 GB model starts at $US649 while the 128 GB model starts at $US749. The phone will be available through Verizon and Google's own store, and you can preorder it starting Wednesday.

The new Pixel 2 will come in three colours: 'clearly white,' 'just black,' and 'kinda blue.' The blue Pixel 2 has a 'pop of colour' on the power button -- it's bright aqua.

The Pixel 2 features a 5-inch, AMOLED display, an 'active edge' that will allow users to launch certain apps by simply squeezing the device, front-facing speakers, and more. The phone is currently available for preorder, and it ships October 17.

You can learn more about the Pixel 2 here.

Pixel 2 XL


The Pixel 2 XL is the larger version of the Pixel 2. It has a 6-inch, pOLED screen that's taller than normal smartphone screens, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Pixel 2 XL has an 'always on' display (as does the normal Pixel 2), a 12.2-megapixel, f/1.8 aperture rear camera, a portrait mode feature on the front and rear camera, fast charging, water resistance, and slimmer bezels than the Pixel 2.

The Pixel 2 XL comes in black or a two-toned black-and-white combination. The phone starts at $US849, and will be available for pre-order starting on Wednesday. It ships in December.

You can learn more about the Pixel 2 XL here.

Google Home Mini


Google Home Mini is Google's answer to the Amazon Echo Dot: It's miniaturized version of its Google Home smart speaker, with Google Assistant built in.

The Home Mini comes in three colours -- coral, fog, and charcoal -- and costs $US49. It's available on October 19, but you can pre-order it starting today.

You can learn more about the Google Home Mini here.

Google Home Max


On the other end of the smart-speaker spectrum is Google Home Max, a Google Assistant-enabled speaker aimed at audiophiles.

The speaker is equipped with two 4.5-inch woofers and several tweeters, and has a line-in port so you can plug in whatever you want. Google says Home Max is 20 times more powerful than the original Google Home, and will arrive this December. It costs $US400.

You can learn more about Google Home Max here.



Google's newest laptop is a 2-in-1, laptop-tablet hybrid called the Pixelbook.

The Pixelbook has a 12.3-inch display, weighs about 2.2 pounds, and is super-thin at 10 mm thick. The laptop runs Google's Chrome OS operating system and has about 10 hours of battery life. The Pixelbook will also support the $US99 Pixelbook Pen, which can write and draw on the screen with very little lag. The Pen also has a dedicated button for Google Assistant, so if you draw a circle around something you see on the screen while holding the button, it will identify whatever you circled using Google's powerful search engine.

The Pixelbook costs $US999 and is available for pre-order starting Wednesday.

You can learn more about the laptop here.

Pixel Buds


Google's answer to Apple's AirPods comes in the form of Pixel Buds, wireless headphones that work with Google Assistant.

The buds come in three colours -- 'just black,' 'clearly white,' and 'kinda blue,' the same as the Pixel 2 -- and come with a recharging pack. Most notably, they can handle real-time translation in 40 different languages.

The Pixel Buds cost $US160 and will be available this November.

You can learn more about Pixel Buds here.

Google Clips


Google Clips is a wireless camera that connects to your phone and uses AI to automatically take photos and video. It also gets smarter over time to better captures images.

Clips has 16 GB of storage, doesn't need an internet connection to take photos, and has a 130-degree field of view. The camera can either stand on its own or clip onto something. It uses artificial intelligence to notice the best 'moments' to capture.

Clips camera costs $US249 and Google says it's 'coming soon.'

You can learn more about Google Clips here.

Daydream View


Google's virtual reality headset, Daydream View, got a slight update at Wednesday's event.

The headset now comes in three new colours -- fog, charcoal, and coral, the same as Google Home Mini -- and is still made in a 'soft, breathable' fabric, although it looks like a slightly different material than last year's Daydream View.

The headset works with the Google Pixel 2 and original Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ & Note 8, and more.

Daydream View costs $US99 and will ship in three to four weeks.

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