Google Just Rebranded ‘Google Enterprise’ As The Far More Approachable ‘Google For Work’

Larry Page Sergey Brin Eric Schmidt Google Portrait Illustration
Google’s Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and Sergey Brin Mike Nudelman/Business Insider

Google announced Tuesday that it’s rebranding its line of enterprise products — like Gmail for businesses and Google Cloud Platform — as “Google For Work” instead of the old, more unwieldy “Google Enterprise.”

In a blog post about the rebrand, Google executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt writes that the company decided that it was time for the name to “catch up with our ambition,” since Google caters its products to all types of work environments.

“We never set out to create a traditional “enterprise” business,” he writes, “We wanted to create a new way of doing work.”

Google reports that more than 5 million businesses and 64% of Fortune 500 companies currently use its work products. The company makes about 91% of its revenues from advertising, but its work products make up much of the remaining 9%.

Here’s the full blog post: