Here's Even More Evidence That Google Is Trying To Take Over The iPhone

Integrate Chrome with iphone and ipad apps

Google made a lot of news this week when it updated its Gmail app for iPhone and iPad to use its own Chrome Web browser by default when opening links in emails. 

That’s because Apple doesn’t let iPhone users select default applications for basic tasks like Web browsing and mapping within its mobile operating system iOS, but it does let individual developers select defaults for such tasks within their apps. Google’s move essentially means it’s trying to create its own mini ecosystem of apps on the iPhone.

Yesterday, Google encouraged other developers to do the same and make Chrome the default Web browser in their iOS apps.

Google has released several great apps for the iPhone in the last several months such as Google Maps, Capture (which lets you quickly upload videos to YouTube), and Google Now (an intelligent, voice-controlled assistant that’s better than Apple’s Siri). Most of these apps and services are a lot better than the default ones Apple gives you on the iPhone, and it’s a clever move by Google to start encouraging third-party developers to build into that ecosystem on Apple’s own territory.

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