The amazing perks of working at Google

Google employeesBusiness Insider / Jillian D’OnfroGoogle just held its third ‘Take Your Parents To Work Day.’

A lot has changed at Google recently. Larry Page announced in August that the tech giant was splitting itself up and creating a new holding company, Alphabet, to contain all the pieces.

That separated newer Google’s other businesses — Calico, Nest, and Fibre, the investing arms Google Ventures and Google Capital, and incubator projects such as Google X — from core businesses like search and Android.

But after a brief moment of excitement as news of the shake-up broke, Google employees simply got back to work, seeming pleased with the direction their company was heading.

And there’s a good reason for that. Google has always looked after its staff, providing workers with a lot of perks to make it worth their while to stay with the company. Some former Googlers, and a few who are still with the company, have listed their favourite benefits on Quora, and others have submitted them to Glassdoor.

Working at Google, you're exposed to amazing people and great thinkers.

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Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

One Googler said that the company is a great place to see, listen to, and meet with people who he grew up reading about ('Never in my life have I met so many people with a Wikipedia page than in the last year!' he writes).

Another Googler also had only great things to say about his coworkers:

We are surrounded by smart, driven people who provide the best environment for learning I've ever experienced. I don't mean through tech talks and formal training programs, I mean through working with awesome colleagues -- even the non-famous ones.

I've worked at several other .coms and have never been more challenged and energised professionally from my colleagues than at Google. People are generally happy to work there, they come from diverse backgrounds, and almost always have an interesting story to share.

Besides being exposed to tech leaders, there are often talks with celebrities and other thought leaders.

Googlers feel like they are really living in the future.

Google's self-driving car.

Because Google is one of the top technology companies in the world, it's no surprise that employees are at the forefront of technology.

Googlers get to use the company's products to get work done and beta-test products that haven't been released to the public yet.

'Chrome was my primary browser before it was announced. I've used phones, tablets, and Chromebooks before they went on sale. It's fun. I get a sneak peek at the future, and if I give good feedback or get even more involved, I can shape it as well,' one employee shares.

The TechStop helps Googlers stay plugged in with 24-7 tech support.


Google has some of the best and brightest IT specialists available to help other employees get their jobs done.

The TechStop is Google in-house tech support shop, it provides Google employees guidance with all hardware and software needs and problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One employee likes The TechStop so much 'because it's just such a practical approach to solving the simple problems that get in the way. For example if you forgot your laptop power supply, go get another.'

Free 'massage credits.'

Google employees.

Employees can give each other 'massage credits' for a job well done on projects. The massage credits can be redeemed for a free one-hour massage on campus.

Besides massages, one engineer describes what it was like when he got an injury while working at Google:

I got an injury while I was in the U.S. and needed to have three surgeries and follow-ups that in total made me not being able to work for five months. Starting with my manager and colleague, the entire company was really sympathetic with what happened to me and encouraged me to concentrate on getting healthier. When I came back an extended time I was definitely feeling stressed, but my manager set her expectations fairly, which enabled me to ramp up very quickly and continue where I left off.

And the development of your career.


An anonymous employee wrote:

'I am really impressed with how invested Google is in your well-being and career growth. I've never had a conversation with my past managers about career trajectory as much as I've had at Google. As someone who is quite shy, it is hard for me to bring up promotions and career track with my manager. But Google really trained the manager to be proactive about their employees' growth. I enjoy that the most.

(The matching 401K isn't a bad perk either.)'

And keep on learning.

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Google is known for its tech talks -- presentations and lectures on various topics that are open to employees to either attend or watch remotely.

'The culture at Google is incredibly open to sharing of knowledge and ideas, so if you spend your time constructively while you are there, you can really learn a lot,' one Googler says. 'There were things that I never even knew were possible that I heard for the first time through tech talks or watching archived presentations. You have some of the leading experts in their fields who are either your co-workers and happy to talk to you or outside researchers/political top-brass/celebrities/etc. invited to give talks at Google.'

'One of my favourite things in college was sitting in on lectures for classes that I didn't really need but I was interested in the topic. It was like unofficial auditing and I found it to be a nice, stress-free way to learn new things for free -- although technically you weren't supposed to do this. It was kind of amazing to me that I could continue to do that while working in an industry setting. I think Google is one of few industry workplaces in the world that do a very good job of supporting something like this and I find it to be a great less-mentioned perk.'

There's a good risk-reward ratio.
Google employees with the Android Gingerbread

The general consensus is it's the people, the business, and the technology that Google employees work with that make it worth being there.

A current employee wrote that the risk-reward ratio at Google was a great factor:

We have an amazing business that keeps growing, that customers and users love, and that provides us with more job stability than almost any other company. It's not going to make any one of us rich, but the risk-reward ratio is pretty good, and sustainable.

Once you're a part of the Google network, you'll be part of it forever.

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Once a Googler, always a Googler. One ex-employee (read: Xoogler) says that the alumni support is one of the best perks of the job. 'Xoogler groups are some of the largest support portals in the world. If you're a Xoogler, you'll know someone in any country you visit.'

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